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Frank and Sparky
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Frank's Memorial Page 
****A Fellow Soldier****

In Memory 
Fransisco Edwin Lazzarino
DOB 08/18/1949 
           DOD 10/28/2003            

6 years old:  with Don Welborn and Sue Welborn/Porter
***  His DOD is also our Grandfathers birthday  ***
Our mom's dad. We called him Bumpy. His name was Ed Snider. Frank and him were real close.

My grandmother's name was Hazel Snider and we called her Nanny. Frank was the first grandchild and first grandson and first son
His father's name is Dominick Lazzarino, our mom's name was Gloria Snider Lazzarino,Welborn, Lazzarino. She passed away in 1999. He was also very close to Sue's dad:   Don Welborn.

Frank and our cousin, Frank is the taller one 
6 years old
18 years old 
Frank 7- July 1968 after he got sent home because he had been wounded pretty bad. He is leaning up against the wall and the other is a guy that was in nam with him. I don't know who he is but i will find out.
Frank was wounded on March 21st 1968. He was hit in the front part of his hip. Came dangerously close to the "Family Jewels" This is how he always refered to where he had gotten shot. Also this day is my Birthday. He was hit on my 12th birthday. I remember sitting out in the field at school at lunch time and I said to my girlfriend, Wouldn't it be weird if my brother got shot today.   Two days later we got a phone call informing us what had happened. . . Sue
He served in - Charlie Company at Fort Campbell

Frank was in the Rakkasans 3/187th 101st Airborne Inf. Screaming Eagles

Look how the gun in his hands matches the one in the picture below titled, "Lots of stuff they had to carry.".  Something to think about, isn't it.
Frank was a truck driver most of his life. After he quit driving truck, he started doing burls. What an interesting job that was. People were very leery of letting guys on their property to cut up 100 or 200 year old trees and not leaving a mess or not paying them for the tree after it was sold and stealing trees they didn't have permission to take.   My brother had to do some real convincing to assure people he wasn't like this.   He was trying to turn the bad reputation that others had built around to the good.  He had a lot of interesting things happen and interesting people he met.  Also he came across some real good old dump sites for digging old bottles up.  That was another hobby he had.  This one he and I shared. 
Another hobby he and I shared was collecting Camel Cigarette things. You know, the stuff you can buy with Camel Cash. He started collecting stuff first. I would only get the things that came free when you bought 2 or 3 packs. And for the first year I gave him all my Camel Cash.  But then, the second year I started paying attention and liked the stuff that was in the second catalog, I started keeping the Camel cash for myself. Frank accused me of stealing his Camel Cash that I wasn't giving him anymore.  . .  Sue Porter

Frank was very proud of the fact he was clean and sober for 6 years. His life was very fast and very hard. When he came back from Nam, nothing seemed to satisfy him. Nothing was ever good enough, he could never do enough or nothing at all was ever enough. He also never slept. 

When he went to Nam, it ended his sleep pattern completely. When he finally got to realize that the drinking and all wasn't helping him and only contributing to his misery, he was able to quit and didn't fall once in those 6 years. And then he started being able to sleep again. Then he realized he could control his temper once he started sleeping.

He got very involved with AA. He even started a meeting up in the little community he lived. Rail Raod Flats California. It is close to Angels Camp and San Andreas. He ran the meetings and got it all organized. Did real well with it too.  I was very proud of him. . .   
                                                                           Sue Porter
This was the new 2003, 100th Anniversary Edition Harley Davidson that Frank was riding on October 28, 2003.  He got to pick up this bike in March.  He had been waiting for it for several months.  He rode to Oklahoma to his 3/ 187 101st Airborne Reunion and then to Arkansas to look for a place he could call his own.  He'd been back from there five days before the accident.  The little dog isn't Sparky this time.  He got another little Yorky and his name was Tyke.  Sparky and Tyke are both with him now.
Building his house
Frank built his own house when he was married.  
Frank and Sandy
Hobbies is something Frank was rich in. He had two Harley Davidsons and a '1934' Ford truck he rebuilt himself and then there was Sparky. The little dog that is standing in front of the red Harley. This was the son my brother never had. Sparky was my nephew's dog. Sparky died the year before he did. And his ashes were put in the same place with Sparky. Up on a hill on the property where he had lived for the last 15 years.
Frank had just gotten back from Arkansas. He had just bought a house on 5 acres. He'd been back maybe 5 days. He had to go to town, so he hopped on his brand new 2003 Black and Silver Heritage Harley Davidson.  The 100th Anniversary Edition; and 20 minutes later a man was turning left into his driveway, didn't see him and hit him nearly head on. They rushed him to Modesto by helicopter and he died in surgery 4 hours and 40 minutes later. His aorta was ripped from his heart. When they opened him up it was all over. Nothing they could do. It wasn't for lack of trying. I was told that it really shook up the doctor that was working on him. 
About 2 months after Frank died, Tyke died too. Another dog got a hold of him so now he is also with Frank. 

The accident and more about Frank's life . . .
email me
Tyke and Frank
The Article below is printed by permission from:  The Calaveras Enterprise, Friday, October 31, 2003 Section A, Page 3
Railroad Flat man killed in crash
By Mike Taylor

Frank Lazzarino of Railroad Flat died Tuesday after being airlifted to Doctors Medical Center in Modesto after he was thrown from a motorcycle on Mountain Ranch Road.  He died at the hospital later that afternoon.

Lazzarino, 54, was driving a 2003 Harley-Davidson west on Mountain Ranch Road about 315-feet west of Sheep Ranch Road behind an uninvolved vehicle at 11:25 a.m., the California Highway Patrol reported.
Billy Simpson, 77, of Mountain Ranch was stopped on eastbound Mountain Ranch Road in a 1989 Chevrolet S-10 pickup, waiting to turn left into a private driveway.
Simpson waited for the unidentified vehicle ahead of Lazzarino to pass, but "failed to observe (Lazzarino) following said vehicle," the CHP said.
Simpson began his left turn directly in front of Lazzarino and the vehicles collided.  Lazzarino -- who was thrown from the motorcycle and later taken by air ambulance to the Modesto hospital where he succumbed to his injuries at about 3:40 p.m.
A spokeswoman for the Stanislaus County Coroner's Office said an autopsy had been completed by Thursday morning and Lazzarino's cause of death is listed as multiple, blunt force trauma.
No funeral arrangements had been set as of press time Thursday afternoon.

ContactMike Taylor at

The Calavaras Enterprise    Friday, October 31, 2003    Section A, Page 3

You know I have to say something here about my brother and his three wives.  Some people might not think it's anything to brag about, but, Frank loved these women with all his heart. He tried so hard to make each one of these marriages work, I think that's what killed the marriages. He tried too hard. He just didn't know how to do that one particular thing. 

Frank didn't do things unless he did them really well; except relationships with women. Every one of his wives was very wonderful ladies and I loved each one of them.
Janeise was my first favorite. Well I guess because she was his first, He! He! I was only about fifteen years old and I spent much of my time with her.  It's hard for me to put it into words so I'll just say she was a really cool person to hang out with at that time.  (I'm thinking back to how I felt then)

Sandy was his second wife and I didn't know her as well but I have a great respect for her because she lasted ten years with him and no one else did that.   know how hard it was to live with Frank. She deserves a medal of some sort. She went through all the post Vietnam problems and all the rest.

And then there is Adreanne.  She is my last favorite and probably my most favorite.  We got real close and I understand her the most.  Maybe because I was older when they met and I understand things different now then I did in the seventies.  She's an exceptional person and lot's of a fun to be around and has had a tough life; as tough as, if not tougher than Frank's life was.  There were many a heartaches at a very young and tender age. 

And she helped me through all the horror of Frank's memorial.  If it hadn't of been for her, I wouldn't have made it I'm sure.  I would have most likely gotten a divorce and then jumped off the nearest cliff.  Everything was so messed up and not right, she was the only thing I had to guide me through it. I owe her a greater debt than can ever be paid.
And her husband is also included in this debt. He was such a good guy to allow me to stay with them for a week before the memorial. Here I am, the sister of his wife's, ex-husband, crying all over their house for a week.   There are just not enough thank you comments in the world.  But that's all I can do or say at this time.  I just hope he knows how much he did and what a good thing he did do for me. I'll never forget what they did for me then and if ever I can do something for them, her or him, all they need to do is ask, and I'll do it.  I just hope they will ask.

What makes Frank's death much sadder is to know how much he had changed in the last five years and that he had changed enough to finally be able to have a relationship that would last.  He was and has been in search of a loving family life, all his life. It has been hard for all of us and he wanted it most but didn't know how to get it and keep it.
Well that's about all there is to say right now. Whenever I think of a story or a part of Frank's life I feel people might like to read about, I'll submit it to this wonderful lady, Barb, who put this website together in honor of Frank's life, for me.  Thank You Barb, I love it.
I love you Frank. I Miss you with all my heart. I'll see you later when it's my turn to go and you will be coming to give me a ride on that solid gold hog.  Sue Porter

    To My Brother Frank

I sit astride my beautiful ride
And putt off into the sun on a one man run
I smell the dew on the grass, pine and sage in the air
Sun on my face, mountain wind in my hair
Doing what I love, soaring free as a dove
One mile or a hundred, as I roll down the road it lifts life's load
Do not grieve for me, because now I am free
To ride in heaven with God, on a solid gold hog!
I Love you Frank,
re to add your text.
This is a picture that he took. His name is Frank Lazzarino. They all called him Lazz or Road Runner. He was their best point man over there. One of the guys said they always felt a bit safer when Lazz was on point. He did it the best.
holding Samamtha
 I'd like to introduce to the world, Melissa. Frank's only blood related daughter. I don't want this to sound like I'm trying to take anything away from Stephanie, but at least Stephanie had Frank for about 10 years and Melissa didn't even get that; so Stephanie you have got to share a little right now. 
I'm so thrilled for her to have found me. It's a very hard happy sad thrilled feeling. Never felt this before so it's kind of hard to explain I guess. She never got to know her father by no fault of her own. She tried hard but circumstances or people got in the way of them getting to know one another. But that's the past and all we can do is keep going on from here. I have many more stories to tell her like the ones I have already been telling her; I'm sure anyone that reads this and knew my brother Frank probably has stories for her, too.  She would love to hear from you, if you do. All she wants to do is get to know Frank and the only way she can do that is by everyone telling her stuff about him.  I'm so looking forward to having a long lasting wonderful relationship with my new found Niece and Nephew-in-Law, Rob and Great Niece, Nikole and Great Nephew, Austin. 
Thank You for finding me Melissa, my heart is yours.
Aunt Sue                                                                 Melissa’s e-mail is:

About Melissa:
I was born July 9, 1969, in Santa Clara, California.  Frank and my mother, who does not need to be named, here; conceived me when Frank was home on a medical leave due to a gun shot wound.  We spoke once and unfortunately due to circumstances that were out of both of our control we never spoke again.  My grandfather Nick was in my life for a few years and visited regularly, with gifts when I was little, he then was asked not to come around when my Mom got married.  I am now living in Arizona with my two children, Nikole 8 and Austin 5 and my Husband Rob of 13 years. *

Stephanie was his only daughter that he raised.  She had lost her father at a very young age and Frank was the only father that Stephanie ever knew.
Please contact her if you have a story to tell and if she wants it posted here, she can let me know and I will be glad to do that.     
Melissa & her family
Melissa with her husband Rob
Melissa - 5 years old in kindergarden
NOW - March 2006
1st Grade 6 yrs. 
Melissa 8 years old
Melissa transposed with her dad Frank
Frank's grandchildren
Nikole 8 years old
Nikole 8 & Austin 5 in 2005
 Erin                      Sue           Amanda
Melissa                                                  Austin